All In One Light (60ml Bottle)


All In One Light (60ml Bottle)

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All In One Light multi-purpose contact lens solution is a easy to use no hassle cleaner now available in this 60ml travel pack. All in One Light will remove protein deposits from your lens whilst revitalising them ready for your next day of wear.

Its innovative design means it will give a strong defence against microorganisms such as acantha moeba meaning you can feel safe in the knowledge that your lenses are clean and bacteria free.

All In One Light can be used to store and clean your lens but also as a quick clean throughout the day to give your lenses a boost to keep them feeling moist and comfortable after that hard day at work.

Give your lenses the bath they deserve with All In One light by filling the contact lens case until the lens is fully submerged and see the benefits of a fresh feeling lens every day.

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