Blink Intensive Tears Plus (10ml Bottle)


Blink Intensive Tears Plus (10ml Bottle)

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Dry eyes are very common for contact lens wearers. If you are looking for an eye drop that is fast acting and easy to use, Blink Intensive tears is the perfect choice.
The Blink Intensive Vials can moisturise in seconds whenever needed. Designed to mimic the eyes natural tears, Blink provides a film of moisture across the lens, rehydrating your lenses and reducing irritation, redness and that gritty feeling.

Produced by vision care experts AMO, Blink Intensive comes in handy vials. Each Vial contains 0.35ml of solution, enough to rehydrate tired, dry eyes just when it is necessary. 
These eye drops can be used with soft lenses and rigid gas permeable lenses.

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